Ever wanted to buy a real sex doll? Here’s the best option!

If you the answer to the question is a resounding “NO” then… what the fuck is wrong with you? Get on with the times! Everybody needs to blow off some steam once in a while. Your partner’s body may not be able to withstand the kinda punishment you’re planning on inflicting to fully alleviate the tension. We get it – everybody wants to get REAL fucking weird with it once in a while and that’s why everybody should have a around.

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Nude secrets: stars, whose intimate pictures were stolen by hackers

Meanwhile in Hollywood, there was yet another scandal around leaked nude photos. Malicious hackers have stolen hundreds of photos from mobile phones of actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. Attackers stole footage from the “cloud” services of the stars and uploaded them to the Internet. The photos and videos appearing on the Internet are so frank that Hollywood beauties are sure to be ready to fall through the earth with shame at the thought that millions of users of the Internet are now enjoying them. Emma Watson’s lawyers have already stated that she is preparing to sue cybercriminals. The actress hopes that the intruders will be caught and punished. It is not the first time that mobile phones of stars have been hacked and personal nude photos been uploaded top the internet.

Emma Watson

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Dakota Johnson naked, and not for Fifty Shades of Grey

The main mainstream bestseller of recent years, ” Fifty Shades of Grey “, written by British writer E.L. James (real name – Erica Mitchell) was born as an Internet fan fiction based on Twilight. Later it was turned into an independent, mystical romantic movie. And in 2011, a small company published it with almost no promotion. This, however, did not prevent ” Fifty Shades of Grey ” from becoming a cult hit, attracting the attention of the publishing business, fans and haters. Young actors, who played Anastasia and Cristian, were put on display at once.

27-year-old actress Dakota Johnson became the next victim of hackers. Her pictures, like those of many other stars, have become public. The photos of the nude artist appeared on the resource of hkmedvedi.ru. In the photo, Johnson is posing alone and with friends. Also, you can see the actress Addison Timlin with her.
The star of ” Fifty Shades of Grey” Dakota Johnson, although being filmed in an explicit film, did not intend to share her intimate photos. However, hackers did all the work for her and made the nude photos of the star and her friends public. At one of the shots, the girls relax by the pool topless, and on the other one, Johnson was captured with the movie actress Addison Timlin at a pretty inopportune moment: one of the girlfriends in the nude shaves the legs of her friends.
In addition, it is necessary to say that there is absolutely nothing shocking in these frank photographs. For example, both girls have very good bodies. And judging by such a pastime of the girls we can draw the conclusion that there is nothing more between than the friendship.
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Pass the Microsoft MCSA 70-486 ASP.NET Server Core Solutions Exam for Becoming A World Class Expert

The Microsoft 70-486 certification exam prepares an individual for the ASP.NET development activities. It is a training course on Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Server 2013 Core Solutions that helps the candidates in preparing for the Microsoft 70-486 exam by enhancing their skills in development activities of ASP.NET. It is a course for those professional developers who want to develop key solutions to ASP.NET technologies and products. The exam does not have any basic requirements of experience in the new features of ASP.NET, but being familiar with this platform is highly recommended. It is an onlineself-paced course. There are no eligibility criteria therefore no formal qualification is required for taking this course. It has a modular structure and gives you the opportunity to work with the world-class experts 24/7. There are defined sections for each topic that make the course user-friendly and flexible. The individual should be familiar with platforms like PrepAway, Cisco, Microsoft, and CompTIA. Basic working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, NET Framework 4.5, and Visual C# is required as well. The candidates also need to understand the principles of web development technologies, ASP.NET, page response and lifecycle. Of course, the test taker should have the basic knowledge of ASP.NET and its main functions.

Skills evaluated in the Microsoft 70-486 test and their percentage:

1. Creating Office Apps (10-15%)

2. Creating Business Processes (10-15%)

3. Access and Management of Data (10-15%)

4. Planning and Designing ASP.NET sites (10-15%)

5. Implementing Authentication and Authorization (10-15%)

6. Implementing the User Experience and Information Architecture (10-15%)

7. Implementation of ASP.NET Solutions (15-20 %)

The exam can be taken by everyone but it is mostly intended for the IT professionals and those with science background. Generally, the candidate can take a 5-day course to prepare for the Microsoft 70-486 certification test. This course provides access to the following features:
•   Expert instructor-led training. It is a flexible way of learning with the benefits of hands-on training and a 24-hour access to the videos done by the experts with a minimum of 15 years of experience in the IT field.

•    PrepAway Offers Various quizzes and exam simulators. Each of these preparation tolls consists of 100 questions on each topic, what is enough for anyone to prepare for the final test effectively and without wasting time.

•   Social learning and networking. This is a platform where all the students can stay connected and discuss the exam with the help of the (LMS).

•   Navigation and controls. It is one of the ways to help the students learn the exam topics at their own pace and according to their personal schedule.

•   Visual demonstrations and multimedia presentations. This section focuses on the development of necessary skills to deal with the real-world scenarios.

•   Flashcards and educational games. These are the ways to ensure that you are well-prepared for the exam, as well as enhance your professional skills. These are very helpful methods of learning, as they help the students study in an effective way while keeping them focused and engaged.

•   Certificate of completion . It is a certificate provided to the student after the course is completed. The document displays the candidate’s name, the date of completion of the course, as well as the name of the course.

The course is divided into 9 modules, which can be classified as follows:

• Module 1: ASP.NET development overview

• Module 2: Working with libraries, objects and lists

• Module 3: Solutions and features

• Module 4: Development of server-side code

• Module 5: Managing authorization and authentication

• Module 6: Development of client-side ASP.NET

• Module 7: Managing and developing apps

• Module 8:Making use of work flows to automate business processes

• Module 9: Customizing ASP.NET interferences

Benefits of the Microsoft certification

When you pass the exam, you will gain a valuable credential issued by Microsoft. This certificate can be beneficial in many different ways:

  • It helps to secure one’s career and acts as a step towards success.
  • It ensures the high level of the candidate’s knowledge and skills.
  • The hiring managers always prefer the certified individuals.
  • The salary of the certified workers is known to be at least 43% higher in comparison to the non-certified individuals.
  • It makes the individual a part of a closed professional community called Professional Network.
  • It helps the certificate holders prove their uniqueness and demonstrate exceptional skills in the IT sphere.

The certificate holders will become proficient in the following areas:

  • Accomplishment in the field of debugging and diagnostics.
  • Mitigation and identification of the performance issues of customizations.
  • Designing for submissions in scalability and performance, as well as further development.
  • Finding appropriate and satisfying structures for customization.
  • Creating and executing an effective strategy for upgrading, deployment, and solution packaging.
  • Vast knowledge of online services such as ASP.NET Online and Azure.
  • In-depth knowledge of Windows PowerShell.
  • Authentication and authorization.
  • ASP.NET competencies and their details.
  • Implementation of client-side objects and REST API.
  • Usage of different varieties of content and consequent management of taxonomy.

It is one of those IT credentials that are accepted worldwide. Microsoft 70-486 is a certification exam, which is required by small and large IT companies from all over the world, as it has become an important part of the manufacturing standards. The certified applicants are preferred not only because of their vast knowledge of the exam topics, but also because of their experience in the respective areas. The skills developed by this certification course are used when dealing with team-based tasks, as well as in medium and large development settings of various IT enterprises. The best part of this certification is that it has no expiry date and remains valid forever. This means that once an individual earns this certificate, it becomes their degree for a lifetime.