14 thoughts on “Raquel Pennington Posing Naked: Leaks Edition”

  1. Not my type, but what’s so particularly “gross” about her?
    Only the tats kinda bog me. I do not understand why people, girls or guys for that matter, just can get inked all over the place without rhyme or reason. Looks like a concrete pier with graffiti everywhere.

  2. Find it funny on ones hating and having to comment on her. Like shes ever gonna see what you say or care. Girl probably gets more pussy then those losers. Probably saying shes gross cause they know she would prefer pussy over their prick penis. Look at her life and look at yours. Shes fighting mma, hot, engaged to a hot mma girl, makes more then you, doesnt need to look up naked pics.

    While men have to find leaked nudes of celebs on here and waste their time fapping to pics.

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